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About Me.

I'm a technology and media executive with nearly 25 years of experience building and growing companies from start-ups to global public companies--- applying new technologies and strategies to drive value for our teams, clients and shareholders.  


During that time I've been fortunate to work across diverse operating environments, leading cross-functional teams around the globe, and building execution plans to maximize immediate and long-term results. In these roles, I've had a front row seat to the innovation and transformation of the media industry through the application of data and technology.

Early in my career, after working at broadcasters ABC and CBS, my partners and I conceived and built the first programmatic media trading platform for radio and television—to maximize fill rate and demand of unsold and under valued inventory.  Working with the team at Visible World, we brought creative personalization and addressable targeting to linear television. At DG, we digitized the entire supply chain for linear television to transmit syndicated content and more than 90% of the television advertising across North America, laying the foundation for the convergence of linear and streaming television.  At Sizmek, we pioneered rich media and dynamic creative optimization as the #2 ad server globally, to maximize advertising revenue and creative relevancy for virtually every consumer and publisher on the web.  At Zeta Global, we leveraged AI and intent-based content to connect brands with intent based consumers to support the open web. 


The transformation of media from mass broadcast to personalized, dynamic and addressable entertainment has set the stage for the next wave of innovation:  persistent and worldwide connectivity powering mobile and 1:1 video, peer to peer smart and programmable contracts, and platforms that empower creators, developers, users and contributors to recalibrate the existing monetization and rewards framework between consumers, creators and content owners. 

I'm currently building GameDay+, a web3 sports community platform that combines personalized professional and user generated content with a rewards framework with an integrated digital wallet and smart contract protocol.



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